• FUN weekly Group Classes and outings

  • Collaborations and performances with local Jazz Musicians

  • Workshops with nationally-renowned clinicians

  • Performance opportunities with Wendy’s Band, Rogue Tango

  • Social events such as our annual Holiday Cookie Party, ice cream social, and halloween costume party

  • Community of supportive parents and families

As part of our vibrant Suzuki community, your child will experience learning in a nurturing, supportive, and spirited environment where high expectations are balanced with joyfulness and FUN.  Utilizing the proven techniques of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s “Talent Education” Method, children as young as three years-old learn their instrument through a combination of private lessons, weekly group classes, group recitals, solo recitals, and workshops with world-renowned guest instructors.

Ms. Wendy is committed to developing expressive talent. Technique, balance, and proper form are emphasized from the beginning so that the player can have their heart invested in musical expression. One parent attends all lessons and practices at home with their child.  The parent is responsible for setting up a home environment which promotes and nurtures the development of their child’s talent. The parent must commit to making music a part of everyday life through daily practice, listening to Suzuki recordings daily, and listening to recordings of other music.

Suzuki group classes are essential to the process and are an opportunity for children to learn with and benefit from their peers.  Group classes also provide community and support for parents.  Music reading classes are part of the curriculum as Suzuki instructors are committed to excellence and competency in music reading and music theory. Group classes also offer students an opportunity to explore music outside the Suzuki literature and other styles such as jazz, blues, ethnic music, and fiddling.


  1. Contact Ms. Wendy via email: (or by clicking the link below). Write “Prospective Student” in the email subject line

  2. Observe at least two Suzuki Group Class sessions on Monday Nights between 5pm and 8pm (held during the School Year). This will help you get a better understanding of our Suzuki community.

  3. Observe a few private lessons to see Ms. Wendy in action one-on-one with her students.

  4. Set up a trial lesson with Ms. Wendy to determine if she is a good match for you and your child’s learning styles.

  5. Read “Nurtured by Love” by Shinichi Suzuki (available for purchase from Amazon)

  6. Visit for more information about the Suzuki Approach to learning music

  7. Purchase Suzuki Violin Vol. 1 and begin listening to the recordings daily to create the home-listening environment (available from Amazon and iTunes)

If your child has not yet begun violin, please wait to rent a violin until our first lesson - I will help you find the right size and rental company to meet your needs.

If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person.
— Shinichi Suzuki
Ms. Wendy’s Studio in Saint Paul, MN

Ms. Wendy’s Studio in Saint Paul, MN